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Android eating away at iOS marketshare, according to survey

TFP: While Android and iOS have gobbled up most of the mobile market, Android is quickly making its own lead at iOS’s expense.

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Speed-Racer2082d ago

Not surprising at all. With Apple slow to innovate and available on only a few devices, the inevitable was bound to happen. Really, they are a glorified BlackBerry in terms of what they offer now versus the past.

Crazay2082d ago

I was about to make a comment about RiM and Apple just now too. RIM got complacent and lazy. They were sure that their BBM and enterprise end users would keep them floating happily along as they released rehashes of their product with marginal improvements. Well guess what - It wasn't enough and they are in all likelihood finished because they weren't fast enough to innovate.

I would love for nothing more than to see them them fail but I think we still have a little while before that really happens.

KingPin2082d ago

i agree with you and Racer.

lack of innovation drives down sales.

it happened to RIM with the BIS and BBM. it happened to Nokia where at one stage Symbian was the king of mobile OS'. it will happen to iOS and android as well if there is a lack of innovation.

i mean why would i wanna buy another phone for 2 new features....makes no sense.

Cablephish2081d ago

lol, I had a Blackberry and I was too stingy to pay the extra 5 dollars for Blackberry Internet Service. :P

Now I've got a Galaxy S3, so now I can use my data plan now. :D

nukeitall2081d ago

I would rather have Apple than Android devices. From a developer and user experience standpoint, they are both superior on iOS than Android.

I hate how, I go to Amazon Android Market and you find apps you can't use all the time. On iOS that is clearly spelled out and far easier to test by developers.

As much as I like open source (Android is barely open source), and all, but the fragmentation kills any serious consideration for me.

Speed-Racer2081d ago

Without a doubt, fragmentation is one of its biggest downfalls. I've always felt that Google needs to force 3rd parties to standardize their systems, UIs, etc. I loved the Sony Xperias for instance but their slow to update process was a huge turn off.

duplissi2081d ago

from a developer standpoint maybe, but from a consumer standpoint fragmentation is hardly there. the play store is very good at only showing you apps that are compatible with your device (unlike amazon...)

and ux standpoint? thats an entirely subjective point.

Speed-Racer2081d ago

But there have been a number of apps that simply don't work with some mobile devices that seem to be more than capable... but yea it would be more of a problem on the developer level. I remember seeing someone testing an app and they had an entire table laid out with droids just to make sure if worked on a majority of devices.

nukeitall2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )


"from a developer standpoint maybe, but from a consumer standpoint fragmentation is hardly there."

That is actually quite far from the truth. Have any of you researched the problem?

That is for browser, not even apps!

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thebudgetgamer2082d ago

Not surprising at all considering there's like fifty different Android phones that you can get at Cricket for thirty bucks compared to one Iphone.

Speed-Racer2082d ago

and they were also able to afford a PS3 game, dinner at BK, some extra fruits from the corner store. Oh well. Their loss, right?

thebudgetgamer2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

No I'm not gonna trash anyone for the phone they use, I own a Droid 3 and love it.

What I am saying is just like the computer market there are way more computers running windows at a cheaper cost, so of course they should be ahead in sales.

Even despite that Ios still has a great market share.

Speed-Racer2082d ago

Oh I thought you were one of those fanboys. Good argument then. Good to see you're on both sides of the fence.

Gondee2082d ago

I don't think its eating away at Apples share, both are growing at amazing speeds. The market is getting larger, and free and low end android phones will be counted in those surveys.

Settler2082d ago

Still Apple is king, one iPhone and iPad a year is giving competition to 10-12 android smartphone and 5-6 android tablet.

simonrope2082d ago

Stand aside, fanboy. Android is taking over.

bahabeast2082d ago

i can get a galaxy y or galaxy ace for about $90 soo that rite thier is where android wins, even though i would buy a s2 or s3 before a iphone. Apple phones are pretty and easy to use, android o/s takes time to learn and thier are tons of diff phones to use it on. even windows phone 7 can be alot better than it is and challenge the market place, soo apple better watch out RIM is a joke since WHATS APP BBM is almost absolete.

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The story is too old to be commented.