Demonoid takedown prompts attacks by Anonymous

BBC NEWS: Members of the Anonymous hacktivist community have attacked websites belonging to the Ukrainian authorities after Demonoid was forced offline.

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Crazay2114d ago

What is this supposed to prove to anyone? That they can DDOS sites? We already knew that.

Gondee2114d ago

DDOS is a good way to show protest, but not cause any long term damage. It gets their attention without harming anyone, and also draws public attention. Almost like the modern day ralley.

Now, they don't always do it for good causes, but thats left to ones opinion.

fatstarr2113d ago

attack 1 corner fail (pirate bay)
attack 2nd corner fail ( embedding and YouTube)
attack 3rd corner fail (megaupload)

finally after many tries they get something.
its a shame but the world will move on as this wasnt one of the big heavy hitters of the internet content stream.