VIDEO: What really happened in the Dotcom raid?

3news : As the raids on Megaupload's founder's home are under continuing scrutiny by New Zealand's high court, a local TV station releases video showing massive force by elite police units.

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gaffyh2085d ago

Some of the stuff in this video is quite insane, and I can't believe they went in with so much force. Why in the hell would you need semi-automatic weapons??? You're not raiding Gaddafi's compound!

Crazyglues2085d ago

I think the worst part is what people don't see and that's the part that's really sad..? Corruption of power!

1. For one, why in the world is no-one involved here, able to tell the difference between a serious threat and mild possible copyright infraction.

Because if you can't tell the difference you need to be fired, your an idiot, and I sure as hell don't want someone with a gun or FBI power to be that dumb.

The difference is this clear, one is a-

-Known drug dealer with armed weapons..(Serious Threat)
-Little old lady with expired bus pass..(not even close to serious)

According to the police department and the FBI both are the same and therefor we should send gun's blazing to raid the house... Really?

He could have been arrested by two armed officers just going to the house and knocking on the door.

Remember it's a possible copyright infringement case. They don't even know for sure if he has actually put up actually copyrighted material or if it was users of the service... -either way, this should never be considered a serious crime, in any way shape or form.

and that's where the problem lies, Hollywood and it's big money has pushed to make copyright infringement a serious crime - in the eyes of Hollywood and apparently our two stupid to know any better law enforcement and FBI idiots.

So what's next one day you download a movie you were not suppose to and FBI raids your house and in the process they kill your wife or your mom because she look like she had a weapon, but it was an attachment to the vacuum cleaner.. oh well luckily they were still able to arrest you in the raid for downloading a bootleg copy of the avengers movie..

Thank god they got you off the streets in-time who knows what kind of damage you could have done to the community - aka - greedy ass Hollywood exec's with deep pockets able to corrupt govt officials.

Really this is what is being considered as serious crimes now? This is how the govt waste tax payers money & resources..

SKUD2085d ago

What an incredible waste of resources.