Learn Guitar by Instinct

Fueled - Jimi Hendrix could play the guitar with his teeth; I can barely play it with both hands. Some people pick one up and just strum away, but the rest of us have to suffer through newly callused fingertips. You know how it is — you get a guitar, promise yourself that you’re going to practice every day, and you do, you really do, at least for the first week or so.

Instinct, the new free guitar-teaching website founded by Blake Jennelle and Brian Stoner, aims to help us escape the cycle with intuitive, interactive lessons.

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Handsomelad2083d ago

Oh. my. Lawd.

What an awesome idea.

SJIND2083d ago

This looks pretty cool! Interactive guitar learning tool...

Handsomelad2082d ago

I agree. I wish I had something like this to turn to when I began learning guitar haha