Samsung Report Shows How Much iPhone Influenced Galaxy S Design

NRM: "Apple has successfully admitted an internal Samsung report into evidence, which compares all design facets of the company's own Galaxy S to the iPhone."

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armchaircritic002291d ago

Pretty damning evidence right there, though I have a feeling this dispute will just go on and on and on...

Crazay2291d ago

here's what I get from this. Sammy is looking at a competitors product that had been successful. In trying to become more competitive, they look at the aspects of that product and objectively compare it to their offerings.

Wouldn't any company out there do the same thing? It just seems to me like it's a conscientious forward thinking thing to do for anyone.

HOWEVER - it also appears to me as though it might be more of a Google issue rather than a Samsung thing does it not? The article states "In nearly all cases, these notes suggest that their UI should require features for further optimisation with user-habits, and removal of those that make the whole affair of using the Galaxy S a complex experience."

That reads to me like an issue with the android OS not a hardware thing.

SquishyGorilla2291d ago

I've always seen Apple's legal tirade on Samsung as a roundabout stab at Android. It's fair to say that all companies do research what others are doing in their respective space; but there's no getting away from the fact that the similarities are more apparent on Samsung's skin of Android compared to other OEMs.

extermin8or2291d ago

I agree however I do believe apple also sued HTC among other android handset makers, android has challenged their market, it's done some things better and before them and quite simply put they don't like it; Samsung just happens to have found the most success out of it; yes their phones bear a similar shape and resemblance with the home buttons to Iphones and Ipads but that's because it's a good design, companies have always taken the best aspects of their competitors products to make their own and improved on them, I also don't think it right that apple think they can patent the concept of a curved rectangular design as they seem to; that's without even touching on the interface, which is already used on the base android skin, samsung just improve and simplify that with touchwiz.

evil_element2291d ago

Finally, someone thinks for once. "issue with the android OS not a hardware thing." everyone speaks as though Samsung makes the OS. They only make hardware for electronic industry.

This whole case is orchestrated by Google. You will never hear Google sues Apple in the news. You will most likely hear a pawn company like HTC, Motorola (they bought for their vast patents), Samsung e.t.c say accusations. Google funds these cases by the back door, hides behind companies so to never be brought into bad light. Google is decades behind Apple and Microsoft with ideas and skills so they have been for a long time acquire patents and teams to paint companies such as Apple in a bad like.

Google = Toxic PR and they play to their fans who believe they are the messiah who has been robed of their credit. THESE WORDS WILL BOUNCE OF SOME FOLKS HEADS WHO BELIEVE IN ONLY WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE.

bolbgt2291d ago

Every Android OEM has their own version of Android with it's own Samsung doesn't only make hardware. Apple are suing the right people, you really think Apple and it's lawyers are stupid enough to sue the wrong people.

Crazay2291d ago

Please - spare us the rhetoric bolbgt. I've played with many Android phones and the interface is all the same.

Stop blowing smoke up our butts.

extermin8or2291d ago

@evil_element you are mad, android Os had features before ios, and google aren't decades behind apple wtf are you on?

evil_element2290d ago

Want evidence for the truth. You picked a good day.

"Google Buys Motorola For Patent Parts"

"Samsung and Google Allegedly Working on Cross-Licensing Deal to Fend Off Apple "

Samsung Case Is a Proxy for Google

Question could be why not sue Google, the Android platform maker. "Patent lawyers say it is easier to make a case for monetary damages against companies that make handsets and tablets and sell them to consumers."

"Samsung denies infringing the patents, and it has leveled its own countercharges, alleging that Apple is violating Samsung's own patents related to how phones communicate and three patents concerning how phones handle pictures and music." Whoa whoa whoa wasn't this court case about the look and feel of the iphone and its functionality, not what printed circuit boards it uses.

Look forward to hearing your counter claims.

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mamotte2291d ago

So apple invented and patented the rectangular shape for phones, the touchscreen in phones, and the squared icons?

Come on Apple, get a life.

iamnsuperman2291d ago

I know right:

Apple seem to be throwing their weight around way to much lately. I am no legal expert but it seems Apple is getting some special treatment at the moment. I thought courts were meant to be impartial

KingPin2290d ago

the judge is keeping notes of the case on his ipad.

jokes aside, i think apple is really grasping at straws. people should look at the custom roms of today, this is what the official roms will have in the future.

Apple has nothing. they made one good product and couldn't build on it like their competitors have. Now they left to sue the competition.

this case is a waste of money on both sides.