John Carmack Would Be 'Happy if Windows 8 Didn't Exist' writes: "After the recent revelation that Valve’s Gabe Newell thinks Windows 8 is a catastrophe, another prominent game developer has spoken out about the upcoming operating system. In his extremely long keynote at this year’s QuakeCon, John Carmack co-founder of id Software, mentioned the operating system saying that there was nothing exciting about Windows 8"

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gaffyh2144d ago

Windows 8 looks like it will be overlooked by the majority of people. I think the tablet and phone devices may do well, but it feels like Windows 8 for PC will be a bit of a failure.

SilentNegotiator2143d ago

It looked pretty awful on tablets, too, though. To simply add a widget/gadget (whatever its called on Win), you have to slide the screen, dock the screen, dock another screen, drag to other screen, drag's ridiculous and unnecessarily complicated.

On android, it's touch screen, choose widget, pick widget. TA-DA!

KingME2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

What? What a bunch of Bologna! It's amazing how people try and make things sound difficult.

Simply a flatout BS comment.

Here is what I've noticed, most of the people here making negative statements about windows 8 also make negative statements about Xbox 360...You do the math. Just saying.

Crazyglues2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Yeah him and me both, I tried the beta on my PC and I'm a tech guy, and I found it to be Awful, the worst thing I have ever done to my computer by far... LoL

it's really that bad, things are all stupid in the OS simply things like finding your start menu and going back are made so difficult that it's ridiculous - I don't know who's working on this at Microsoft but fire everyone and start over..

much like Vista was, Windows 8 is a serious down grade to Windows 7...

-and if you are happy with windows 7, whatever you do stay far away from windows 8 -wait for windows 9 when all these stupid things will be fixed and the O.S. will actually be an upgrade to your current system.

Revvin2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Microsoft seem to manage to release a turd every other OS release, Windows 95 was ok, Win 98 not much better but fixed with 98 SE then along came the truly awful ME but Microsoft redeemed themselves with XP only to really drop the ball with Vista, again they redeemed themselves with Windows 7 and now look to destroy their hard work with Windows 8.

I had Windows 8 running on my laptop for a short while, I say short while because I couldn't bear to use it any longer once my curiosity waned. They are trying to force upon us their vision of what the future of OS's should look like but their vision looks like it was drawn in crayon by kids at the early learning centre.

I don't want Metro, it looks awful, give me the option to boot into a classic desktop with the start menu and all the things that give me direct access to the programs I want. I don't want to have to swipe or click between day-glo bloocks to access simple things. Its fine for a tablet or touch screen but how many of us have touchscreens? I'd rather use iOS or Android on my tablet anyway, less bloat.

I fear Microsoft are digging a hole for themselves here, forcing things upon the consumer when many are not ready for this radical new approach, in trying to make things simple they have somehow managed to complicate things. I'm sticking to Windows 7 thanks.

gaffyh2144d ago

If there's one thing I don't understand about Windows 8, it's the fact that it has both a tablet-like and desktop interface, which is just stupid. Surely they could have removed the tablet interface from the desktop SKU?

Also no proper start menu, wtf?

evil_element2144d ago

They should have followed in OSX steps. They brought features from iOS such like notification, easier mail and easier launching of apps. Whilst preserving the OSX original environment.

Microsoft just burn all their hard work.

SilentNegotiator2143d ago

"They should have followed in OSX steps"

Every time they try, they fail.

dcbronco2144d ago

I keeo hearing all of these complaints about Windows 8 and it makes you think it must be terrible. But if you read the complaints, it's all about the interface. People that go into the OSs speed and efficiency say it definitely faster. But the interface makes it terrible. There's no start button. I saw a demo where it was hidden in the corner. Move the mouse over and it pops out. Just like it does on my PC. Which is using XP.

Some people actually don't like it. A lot are just complaining with the crowd. But if there are real complaints, like it crashes constantly or it has security issues please talk about that. All of this whining about the interface makes me believe it's fine.

And Carmack saying they milked XP and they plan to milk 7 is not as bad as the headline sounds. Developers say that they want generations to last all of the time. It makes their jobs easier.

evil_element2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

If the steering wheel is up your ass and the brake is behind your head and the pedals outside the car, but the car has killer speed and style. Its dead on arrival.

Specs equal nothing if people don't enjoy using it.

mcgrottys2144d ago

yeah but that is a large exaggeration. Something I would say instead is that it's like going from an automatic to a manual. The automatic maybe easier to use but the manual if used right has better mileage, acceleration and more.

I honestly think that the interface runs great and the main reason why it seems like they are closing down the interface is because ARM processors are not strong enough to run x86 software so they just made it marketplace apps only, but once those processors get stronger they will add legacy app support because that will keep them well with enterprises.

evil_element2144d ago

So what ur saying is you will running down to your local computer store to grab a copy of the most sought after OS of the last 50 years.

I'm sure there will plenty of copies on the shelves, you just need to convince others that your vista OS is worth every penny.

Sure that wont be hard?

dcbronco2144d ago

Evil that's not the steering wheel up your ass. A bad interface and and bad OS are two totally different things. I'm sure you're just another simpleton incapable of making your own decisions so you're making a big deal about it. And your analogy sucks. You may be the driver, but if the quality of the car sucks don't be stupid enough to buy it or not buy it because you like where they put the knob to the radio.

Plus the interface is customizable, you just need to have enough sense to put things where you like them. But you seem challenged, so I understand your point.

killerhog2143d ago

Yeah I agree. I wanna test it out myself because the complains I read online sound trivial. To me it sounds like the complainers are afraid of change. I tend to hide my taskbar and shortcut things I use this way it keeps my desktop screen clear.

dcbronco2143d ago

I actually went to the extent of learning how to remove the trash bin also. But then I couldn't figure out a way to place it somewhere else so I had to figure out how to put it back.

adorie2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

You had to LEARN how to remove the recycle bin on Win 8?

That only dissolves your argument above, even further.

I have managed to try this out, my computer built for video editing, gaming and sound production... the OS is fast as heck and it operates very nicely, however, the UI is atrocious.

We're past learning such mind-bending skills as locating the Start button and how to remove a trash bin... the OS should boot up and then we should be able to install Chrome or Firefox on it right away, like always.

Gabe Newell and now John Carmack have negative opinions on Windows 8 because it's going to confuse the hell out of people who are too simple to understand how to dig into win 8...

People like me are nothing, since we'll learn quickly,but for the average person... customer support is going to have a field day.

Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit, here.

2pacalypsenow2144d ago

he cant even make a proper game in windows 7

Aussiegamer2144d ago

I know this guy should concentrate on making games as his job description says.

Lets all go play rage....or not, terrible frame rates, pop in environments, crappy graphics, boring as game, feels like you do the same thing over and over and over and over.

Carmack time to concentrate on what ya do.

dcbronco2144d ago

I agree the guy has been neglecting gaming. But if I could teach myself Aerospace Engineering like he did I would have probably started a Rocket company too. Can't hate him for having the smarts and money to live out all of his dreams.

gaffyh2143d ago

I thought the graphics were quite good, and the game was OK, but obviously there were other issues.

adorie2143d ago

How about you make a proper game for win 7?

it's almost comical how you bash a guy asking him to "make games" when his involvement with game creation is purely the tech.

He's not an artist, director or sound person.
He's into the raw code of things and how to manipulate that code to produce results.

If you're bashing him because of RAGE, blame it on your consoles, since the manufacturers don't normally allow mods/user created fixes without charging and such.

RAGE on the PC was a disaster, but to say it discredits J.C... please.

John Carmack doesn't need me to defend him,either, but your posts of ignorance bothers me to the point where I am urge to respond... his views on Win 8 are valid as he is an active developer of the Windows platform so it's his concern and his business.

simonrope2143d ago

Jump on the bandwagon, John.

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