Why you should go for an Android Smartphone

Android OS has always been the major competitior for the Apple's iOS. Check out why I have always preferred Android phone over the iPhone. This is my first article so be sure to leave feedback in the form of a comment. :)

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evil_element2114d ago

Another article to drive up fighting. Carbon copy of the 360 vs PS3 and in the end everyone forgot what gaming was all about.

SilentNegotiator2113d ago

But come on. Android's interface is head over heels better than iphone and windows phones.

fuzion17c2113d ago

Video proof on why Android > iOS6

sealava2114d ago

in time they will be like Nintendo VS Sega ... just old news.
and thus the circle of life.

LOL_WUT2114d ago

Read the article and I still don't want one. I'll just stick to Apple products Android just doesn't do it for me.

Youthfrenzy2114d ago

It's simply matter of opinion. Have you tried any Android phone?

Crazay2114d ago

I don't know anyone who has an iPhone who has actually tried any android phones. Even when I show them what I can do they say well - my iPhone can do this...and then I show them that my phone can do the very same things. then they just say that the iphone does it better...***facepalm***

thebudgetgamer2114d ago

A Droid site saying you should buy a Droid phone, that's like Wendy's saying not to buy Burger King.

evil_element2114d ago

There conspiracy of Wendy's hehe

Speed-Racer2114d ago

As much as I disagree with you on most things budget, I'd agree this time and say that an article like this is obviously skewed. I hate when Playstation sites bash Xboxes, or Android sites bash iPhones...makes no sense because that bias is always there.

hellvaguy2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Andriod is the obvious choice for me.

3.5" screen, o ty. 1 central button to retard proof people not smart enough to figure out what 2 more buttons might do, no ty again. A price point of 2-3 times more for slower hardware, no ty even more.

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The story is too old to be commented.