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Antarctica once covered in palm trees, scientists discover

FoxNews: Today the frozen Antarctic ice sheet borders the Southern Ocean. But tropical palm trees once flourished there.

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chukamachine2142d ago

And they will do again.

The ice covered region will melt, and it will come alive again, and again it will ice up. It's a cycle that will continue forever.

AgentWhite2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

If it happens it will definitely cause extinction of earth and man kind . Melting down of glaciers could cause land to submerge in water .

Speed-Racer2142d ago

Heck no... there would still be significant portions of land above water, and it all depends on how they shift in the future as well. Who knows will sections will rise or drop.

AgentWhite2141d ago

I didn't really mean that whole land would submerge into water , but surely most part along with it will come land slides and many more natural disasters .It will be beyond are imaginations .

shackdaddy2141d ago

Um. No. Are you joking? Worst case scenario people will have to build water levies along coastal cities. New Orleans might have to get creative though...

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Xanatos2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Im pretty sure that the cycle will not last forever and also im quite certain that our current technology will allow at least some of us to survive .

AgentWhite2142d ago

its only because of rapid growth of technology its happening. Its the trend , History repeats itself .ya we can delay the disaster but can not prevent it .

Xanatos2140d ago

History repeats itself? What other intelligent species do you know that destroyed themselves?

gaffyh2141d ago

Well if you can have a polar bear in Lost, why couldn't you have palm trees in Antarctica? :D

thorstein2141d ago

Actually, it completely makes sense because of continental drift, Antarctica wasn't always at the south pole.

thorstein2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Actually, it completely makes sense because of continental drift, Antarctica wasn't always at the south pole. Oh, wait, this is FOX News. Nothing to see here. Just some information that the Fox"news" team can spin so that their corporate masters can have a reason to argue FOR pollution ahem....erm... I mean Free Markets, Globalization, and continuing to use fossil fuels..

BTW A thumbs down doesn't make me wrong.

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