Man texts, 'I need to quit texting,' before driving into ravine

digitallife : Chance Bothe typed out a text message while driving down a familiar Texas road. It was a simple "b right there," but it changed the 21-year-old man's life. While sending it, he veered off the road and into a ravine. Instead of visiting his pal, the young man wound up in a hospital, battling for his life.

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kingPoS2050d ago

There's a lesson to learned from this.

If's it's soo important, pullover for a moment or two.

I swear! the advancing tech today appears to be eroding people's common sense.

silvacrest2050d ago

dont blame tech, stupid people do stupid things

Sikct9a2050d ago

I'm glad that no one else was hurt due to his important text. :/

360ICE2050d ago

Ah, yes! Natural selection in action. Now, if he could only drive a little faster...

SilentNegotiator2050d ago

No, no! Quick! Get this man some free healthcare!!


xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2050d ago

Bitter sweet irony... Lesson learned.

ShinFuYux2050d ago

Don't text when you're on a road that has turns.
Don't text when there's other cars around you.
Don't text when you know a few hundred feet there's a stop light.
Don't text when you're going over 65mph.
Don't stare at your phone screen for more than 2 seconds while driving.
Use the voice commands that your phone has to type the text for you.

It's obvious people aren't going to listen to that whole "don't text and drive" campaign. So, you just gotta work with them, give them better instructions in how to do it and not do it~