Apple scrambles to keep Samsung from revealing confidential iPhone, iPad sales documents

Apple Insider - Apple rushed to file a last minute request with the court to stop Samsung from making public a series of sensitive sales data documents related to the iPhone and iPad when it cross examines Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, later today.

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Captain Tuttle2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

If Apple doesn't want it released I want to see it.

Apple has iAnxiety

KingPin2085d ago

if its so confidential, what are samsung doing with it.

oh Apple, u make me laugh. you start a fight, then when the guy pulls out a gun and all u have is a knife, you scream for a referee to disallow his weapon of choice.

Man up already. grow a pair.

since you lost your leader <may he rest in peace> you have nothing!!!

Legion2084d ago

It is called disclosure... due to the matters of the case Apple had to hand over certain information related to matters.

They now seek to keep this information within the courts and not share it with their customers and the world.

Likely due to the fact that people will realize they are being over billed for a product that is no better then the other products on the market. And shows studies of how much they can over price and still keep customers and make a profit. (all speculation on my part for this last part)

evil_element2084d ago

Folk seem to forget about "information is power" revealing information from inside of court is breaking the rules. Revealing information can allow other manufactures to copy, steal and formulate better strategies against another company. If this court was not on this would be classed as company espionage. Very serious.

U seem to forget its not samsung pulling the punches, your staring at the puppet. The puppet master is google and for them to get information from Apple to them is like a gold mine waiting to be blown open.