Tiki Takes Shape As A Four-Inch-Wide Tower

Tom's Hardware: "Most system-builder CEOs are probably much busier running their shops than designing cases and testing fans, but that’s why I like keeping Falcon Northwest a boutique. I’m an enthusiast at heart, and Tiki is our first product that literally could not be built by anyone but an enthusiast. If the wiring isn’t bound perfectly, Tiki doesn’t fit together. It’s only quiet if you use exactly the right fans. It doesn’t even work in a CAD model. But I built the system I wanted on my own desk. I firmly believe that, with the recent advancements in power efficiency and miniaturization, micro-towers will become the new mid-tower in a few years. I hope Tiki becomes a showcase of what can be done in this form factor."

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Syko2085d ago

Ha ha I especially liked the part about the Granite Base. That is what I do for a living and I have personally run both of the machines in slides 33 & 34. This little PC would be an amazing little beast to have hooked up to a giant HDTV.