Iran state TV: The BBC hacked us

ZDNet - Iran's state TV has accused the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) of hacking its website. More specifically, the BBC allegedly changed poll results regarding Iran's nuclear program. As such, the BBC has suddenly found itself on the other side of the stick; the broadcaster has previously complained about Iran regularly hacking and disrupting its Persion TV service.

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-Mezzo-2146d ago

BBC, but that's just a channel.

phalanx_mark2145d ago

well The Crown to be precise.

gaffyh2145d ago

More like public owned, because the British public pay a TV license to fund the channel so it has no product advertisements.

extermin8or2145d ago

it's publicly owned, they aren't controlled by the state-hence aren't state TV unlike in a country like Iran where anything you hear on state TV is what their government want you to hear...

evil_element2145d ago

lol, BBC hack Iranian TV channel when they are max out over the Olympics.

noprin2145d ago

we hear about these kind of statements a lot here in iran

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