Valve Source Engine Running Faster on Linux than Windows

Valve - One factor in creating a good gaming experience is throughput. This post discusses some of what we’ve learned about the performance of our games running on Linux.

As any software developer can tell you, performance is a complicated issue. In the interests of simplicity, we’ll concern ourselves with the following high-end configuration.

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-Mezzo-2118d ago

Will Definitely check it out.

TABSF2118d ago

Once all my Steam games work on Linux I'll make the jump.

I've played a bit with Ubuntu in VM

shackdaddy2117d ago

Will your games list transfer over or do you need to buy everything again? Because if it's the former then I would be more than happy to make the jump...

TABSF2117d ago

Have you heard of Steam Play

If you purchase a game on PC you get the Apple version for free.

I'm 100% sure they will do this for the Linux versions.

mcgrottys2117d ago

thats nice, but I'm not making the jump from windows, mainly because of the issues in terms of my wireless adapter drivers and video card drivers (though the video card is HP's fault).

I've also seen an noticeable improvement in preformance using windows 8(about 10-15%) so thats something to look at. Also I don't like dual booting so I'm probably just going to stick with windows seeing as how I need to use visual studio and office a lot and gaming isn't a top priority to me.

It also seems like Valve is on a race to beat windows 8 because the windows 8 marketplace is going to be a pretty big challenger to steam. And after using it I gotta say that it works well and valve probably knows that and I'm sure they don't want to be the next netscape.

tachy0n2117d ago

linux uses openGL which is totally inferior to DirectX....

cytricks2117d ago

Thats not true. Most of what you can do with direct3d is possible in openGL, I will admit direct3d has a better API that is constantly being worked on by Microsoft. Remember OpenGL is the main graphics API for Linux and Mac.

Remember Direct X cannot be compared to OpenGL because Direct X is for sound, graphics, and input while OpenGL is just graphics.

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