Apple iPhone 5 '$800' rumor sparks Twitter fury

digitalspy: A rumor that Apple's next generation of the iPhone would cost $800 has sparked fury among Twitter users, but there is no clear indication as to where the speculation actually originated.

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SJIND2147d ago

Expensive but worth to an iPhone

adorie2147d ago

worth it... haha. Wow. People are willing to sell their soul for Apple products. It's pathetic.

I wouldn't give any corporation on this planet an ounce of emotion that could go toward a human being, even for free iPhone 5.

The only emotion I have for these companies that take advantage of such CONSUMERS is disgust, because they know very well what they are doing.

Money. The root of all evil. Indeed.

mushroomwig2147d ago

Dear god I hope you are joking SJIND. An iPhone isn't worth $200, let alone anywhere near $800. The sad thing is a lot of people will still buy this product if it's this price.