The legal battle that could decide how much your next phone costs

DailyMail: Today should see the opening shots fired as the billion-dollar Apple v Samsung patent case gets underway in a San Jose courtroom.

The two bitter rivals are arguing over a cluster of phone patents, each alleging that the other is infringing on intellectual property as they vie for top place in the smartphone wars.

Both companies are seeking potentially billions of pounds from each other in royalties - and whatever decision the 10 people on the jury takes, it is likely to will change the industry forever.

Opening arguments are expected today to decide the merits of Apple claims that Samsung smartphones and computer tablets are 'illegal knockoffs' of the iPhone and iPad.

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KingPin2152d ago

this is the part that made me say WTF!!

"Apple filed a lawsuit against the South Korean company last year alleging smartphones and computer tablets made by the world's largest technology company are illegal knockoffs of Apple's popular iPhone and iPad products."

illegal knockoffs? really. im sorry, samsung (THE BIGGEST TECH COMPANY) never once advertised products as an iPad/iPhone. they werent trying to fool consumers who wanted to buy an iPad/iPhone into thinking their products were in fact the real thing. They released a competitive product into the market.

if Apple wins, i guess microsoft should sue Apple into making illegal knockoffs of the Tablet PC(circumstances are exactly the same) and i guess there should be no competitors in the market.

though since this whole court case is in America, something tells me Apple will win. mainly due to the fact that if Apple win, they receive $2.5billion from samsung, all of which will be taxed which means the country gains millions of dollars.

iamnsuperman2151d ago

From my limited knowledge on the subject I can't see apple's case especially when it come to design.

Crazay2151d ago

I'm with you dude. Apple is full of crap plain and simple. The simple fact that they have a jury overseeing the case tells me that Samsung is screwed no matter how unjust that is.

tachy0n2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

just wait until crapple tries to mess with microsoft, you will see how microsoft will put that company in its place.

apple products are so useless, instead of buying a mac, i can just built a PC, instead of buying an iphone i can just buy an android smartphone.... everything is superior to apple products.

LOL_WUT2151d ago

I support american made companies thats why Apple has my support.

Speed-Racer2151d ago

Oh? Since when was Foxconn located in the United States?

adorie2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Are you kidding? LOL_WUT probably thought Foxconn was a subsidiary of Fox News, you know.. an American company. Lol.

2151d ago
SilentNegotiator2151d ago

Civil suits in UK have juries? I did not know that.

Put Apple in their place, Samsung.