Commenters Anonymous: Why Real Names Aren't The Answer

Fueled - Sure enough, YouTube seems like a nice place. There are happy banner ads, remixes of Bob Ross art instruction videos, and even some informative content as well. But, if you should ever wander off into the video comments section, you’ll find nothing but a hive of scum and villainy.

Does eliminating anonymity really clean up a community? What's the truth? Fueled takes a look.

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Speed-Racer2089d ago

But users have a choice to keep their usernames. I don't know why people are making a big deal out this.

LgHg2089d ago

It's not that people are making a big deal of it, it's people wondering if this might civilize internet discourse a bit. Probably not.

Handsomelad2089d ago

For now they have the choice. Will they still have the choice in the future? Who knows? The most popular sites are moving more and more towards using real profiles.

360ICE2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I think the main argument usually is that it may become more and more normal and then become forced. And no anonymity on such a big site would be lame, I'll give em that. I mean, there are search engines that can find pretty much anything tied to a phrase or name. People therefore don't like the idea of having a company snooking around their YouTube comments, say after a job interview or businesses keeping track of YouTube browsing history. Or having it used against you in legal matters, business matters, social matters or ratchet and clank: size matters in general.

So, yeah. Besides it allows you to be anonymous in debate, if you want to postulate ideas with being connected to them beyond your username.

...That's one argument anyway.

Soldierone2088d ago

Nope, people are still hiding behind a computer screen and for all we know their "real" names can be fake too....

level 3602088d ago

..and a lot of "real" names sound funny, which might cause some issues - like being the butt of jokes or even mockery for instance.