Solar Storm Expected to Hit Earth Tuesday

Space: A medium-size solar flare erupted from the sun this weekend, hurling a cloud of plasma and charged particles toward Earth on a cosmic path that is expected to deliver a glancing blow to our planet on July 31, according to space weather forecasters.

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adorie2150d ago

Another one... I am starting to get worried.

Deadpool6162150d ago

No reason to worry about things we have no control over. Just keep on keeping on.

FriedGoat2150d ago

No reason to worry about flares that have been happening for millions of years.

SilentNegotiator2149d ago

It's just like other meteorological occurrences; their recent heightened deviancy can likely be explicated by the reality of exponentially increased magnitude of observers.

mt2149d ago

ohhhhh it is the end of the world /s 2012

steve30x2150d ago

The Mayan calendar never calculated for leap years. If that calendar was right we would be dead years ago.

ArmrdChaos2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

What??? The mayan calendar is directly related to the position of the stars. It doesn't have a thing to do with our current calendar system. The only reason they have given a real date is because they have worked the conversions as to when the stars will be aligned for the Mayan "end" ...and that date is December 21, 2012. Who is to say there will be an end? It really is no different than when our current clocks cross midnight. The only difference is that no one was around to see the last Mayan "midnight" event, so it is the usual case of the unknown generating fear.

Straightupbeastly2149d ago

Lol the Mayan calendar has 4 ages and then repeats its calendar. Dec 21st is the end if the Mayan 4th age. Want to know what happened at the end of the last 4th age? Not a damn thing. Mayans never ever predicted the end of anything. Media looking to try and turn heads as usual. End of the world predictions is a cheap age old scare tactic to try and gain followers or get people under your control.

SilentNegotiator2149d ago

I'm going to invest in gas masks and canned food....companies' stocks.

BigTwitchy2149d ago

Actually, I heard that the end of the Mayan 3rd had the great flood. The mayans are one of the other cultures in the world to have that written in the history and I am pretty sure that is what they said happened. Considering that Christianity, as well as many other cultures or religions have a story or written account of a horrible flood at about the same time, I would say that it is at least something to think about.

PENGUINKK2149d ago


Considering a lot of ancient cultures and religions had a great flood in their lore, I'm sure the Mayans having one is not that remarkable.

steve30x2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Slippage between the 365-day year count and the actual year of 365.2422 days, measured by the annual course of the sun in the sky, did not seem to matter to the Maya. They did not on certain occasions add days to the year count, as we do with leap years to keep our holidays from sliding backward through the seasons. What if Christmas retreated into autumn or the Fourth of July backed up into the cold of winter? For reasons we will probably never know, the Maya seemed to place more emphasis on an unbroken chain of time, as they did with the tzolkin. They were different from us

The Maya used two primary calendars: The sacred year of 260 days called the Tzolkin and the civil year of 365 days called the Haab. These calendars ran simultaneously. Because of the difference in length, the combination of the two dates uniquely identified each day in a 52 year cycle. The entire cycle was called the Calendar Round.

It is likely that the Maya calendar did not originate with the Maya, but rather originated in a previous culture and that other cultures such as the Aztec in turn also derived their calendar from similar sources.2

The Calendar Round was sufficient for most uses, as its duration exceeded the life expectancy of the typical Maya. However, to reference the passage of time for more than 52 years, the Maya used a third calendar called the Long Count.


Max Power2149d ago

Steve30X, Mayans used a Lunar leap year.

aCasualGamer2149d ago


Are you really going to put your faith on mayan calendar? The same mayan people who have sacrificed thousands of innocent girls.

GhostHero3332148d ago

I actually dont believe in the mayan prediction. When its our time to go its our time to go.

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steve30x2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Those solar flares have been hitting the earth and glancing the earth since the creation of the earth. There is nothing to worry about

no_more_heroes2149d ago

Not in our lifetime at least. Eventually in a few hundred (thousand?) years they will become dangerous for a while, because the Earth's magnetic field is getting weaker. It's in the process of flipping, after which (magnetic) North will become South.

Kopite_20202150d ago

I have it on good authority that the whole 2012 thing is irrelevant. The Mayans predicted things far in advance of 2012, the calendar end was just the end of a cycle.

Lord_Sloth2149d ago

Exactly. The thing was carved in stone! Of course it was gonna end eventually!!! Their Mason probably had a heart attack. Mystery solved!

r212149d ago

i hope i get super powers :D

blumatt2149d ago

"Flame On!!". Hahaha. Fantastic 4

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