Release Date Revealed For Microsoft Surface Tab

PopBucket writes: Microsoft has confirmed that its Microsoft Surface tablet will be launching alongside the Windows 8 operating system this October, according to an annual report from the company. Surface is Microsoft’s own iPad rival (or SchmiPad) that’ll support Xbox SmartGlass and even potentially interface with games like Halo 4.

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fatstarr2150d ago

if its not priced right this will be a big big flop
hopefully Microsoft sees this
and they take advantage of it/

if this fails windows 8 as a tablet os is doomed to own less than 9% of the tablet os market.

JamesSterling872150d ago

Absolutely right. They have a lot of hard work to compete with Apple's dominance of the tablet market.

Their marketing of the Surface tab will need to be pitch perfect & I don't think relying solely on the Windows Phone & Xbox crowd is going to cut it.

I'll keep an open mind for this though.

mcstorm2150d ago

I think they will price the surface rc 16gb at £399 the 32gb at £599 then the pro at 64gb at £799 and the 128 gb at £999 and if they do those prices i think they will sell very well.

I cant wait to get one i have a xoom and imo its the best tablet on the market right now esp with jelly bean has made it very quick and stable but just like the ipad its still limited where having a pro surface for me means i can have one device rater than a tablet and laptop.

mushroomwig2150d ago

I really can't wait for this, I've wanted a decent Windows tablet for a long time now.