All Time Best Kickass Facebook Tricks And Tips You Never Knew

TechFlashed : Facebook is the biggest social networking site and Millions of users use Facebook for various reason .You all use Facebook on daily basis and assume that you know everything about facebook But there are some facebook tricks and tips you might not know.

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Speed-Racer2120d ago

The dislike button is pointless because people not using the app, won't see the dislikes *facepalm*

fatstarr2120d ago

this was a little myspacy
but the best parts

2 How To Post A Facebook Update Status Via Anything
and write your status in blue.

AgentWhite2120d ago

how to post status via any device is being loved by many fb users as it enables them to post status from popular and expensive devices.

fatstarr2120d ago

lol forget expensive devices. writing a status from your moms computer is the best part.

Speed-Racer2119d ago

The problem with that though is that iPhone and Android apps don't show up anymore. IT just shows posted from mobile, since they are made in house, unlike BlackBerry or Windows apps. That's just my say on the mobile bit.

AgentWhite2119d ago

Indeed Mom's computer is the best part perhaps wired facebook profile is also a funny one . Its a cool one .

Soldierone2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Nevermind it took a minute for it to kick in.