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Intel high-end chipsets detailed

MyGaming: If you’ve shopped around for an Intel Core i7 processor, you know that there are a range of chipsets floating around depending what generation you want. With that in mind, below are the two high-end Intel Core i7 chipsets currently used by gamers

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tee_bag2422093d ago

Good article but ivy bridge processors have been out for a few months already. How could they get that wrong unless the writer did a cut and paste job.

skawtch2092d ago

Because the writer is talking about support for Ivy Bridge-E chipsets, which are still on the horizon.

searchbuzz2092d ago

The high end keeps getting higher.

MiamiACR212092d ago

You must have graduated from Harvard or Yale to come up with something as profound as that.

searchbuzz2091d ago

I haven't graduated yet. So sorry about that.