Late night TV/computer usage linked to depression

TFP: Sitting in front of a computer or TV screen late into the night or leaving it on when you fall asleep could increase your chances of becoming depressed, according to a study by U.S. scientists.

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fatstarr2127d ago

challenge accepted.

im happy as all
been on the internet since the 90s

these new gen newhipsters make all these baww research projects.
article hits it right 2x more likely for women then men.

Speed-Racer2125d ago

Yea, I stay up till 4am most days and I can say Im not depressed. I only get worried if other things are bothering me, but on it's own... I'd say no.

Crazay2125d ago

Late night computer usage is most definitely not linked to depression. I'm on late at night, and am super happy with everything.

What it probably does is elevate kleenex use.

360ICE2124d ago

Remember kids:
The conclusion was that late night computer use could increase chances of becoming depressed. This rather modest claim is not refuted because you or even everyone you know don't feel the same way.

...and really, all I'm saying now should be very obvious. I hope it is.

Captain Tuttle2125d ago

Well the operative word is "could" guys.

TheDivine2125d ago

I think they have it backwards. People are up watching BS at 4am BECAUSE theyre bored or depressed. YOU either have insomnia, a drug addiction, no life, or work a 3rd shift like me at the moment, either way its derpressing lol. It doesnt cause depression though imo. I like being a night owl it just sucks that the good shows are on earlier and nothings open except walmart.

Its like a study saying slitting your wrists may be linked to suicide because more people who slit their wrists wind up committing suicide. NO SHIT. The slitting of wrists is because theyre suicidal not the other way around.

vitorizzo2125d ago

i guess im super depressed then...

aDDicteD2125d ago

even if it's true the author does say that it lapses if you go back to the regular dark-light cycle routine.

what new to me is that the author stated that exposure to night-time light has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and obesity. i wonder how it is connected and women better take note with this one.

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