Samsung Destroyed Evidence in Apple Case, Says Judge

AH:"A Californian Judge has penalized Samsung for destroying or failing to prevent the destruction of e-mail evidence in its ongoing legal battle against Apple. On Wednesday, Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal ruled that Samsung failed to prevent the destruction of relevant evidence"

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Lord_Sloth2097d ago

I hate Apple and the whole world's on their side. Tis very annoying.

Moentjers2097d ago

Just ask yourself why you are hating them, it could help. Have you ever owned or used products of them ?
I was a MS-only buyer, I got to work with Linux and I loved it, owned a SunBlade = great, I got to buy my first MacBook Pro and since then never looking back (even if for professional reasons I still love to work with Win7, SQL Server, VS Bids...).

Lord_Sloth2097d ago

My brother owns an iPod.

I hate them because they're ran by the most elitist batch of hypocritical douche bags this side of hell.

They sue everybody for the dumbest things, ban everything they can, and then copy their idea from other companies to begin with! It's absolutely ridiculous. The fact that judges let them do so is even more ridiculous!

Moentjers2097d ago


I'm afraid that if it's about copying then Samsung is on the dark side...

MiamiACR212096d ago

"I hate them because they're ran by the most elitist batch of hypocritical douche bags this side of hell."


adorie2096d ago

Because people who usually buy their products don't have the brain matter to think critically.

THERE! I said it!

Critical thinkers unite.

Soldierone2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )


Owned 2 Ipod Touch's one broke completely, the other has a battery that lasts maybe an hour.

Have an Iphone in the house, its slower than hell now, crapping out, and again the battery lasts maybe an hour now. All 3 of these were well taken care of with hardly and scratches or wear and tear on them.

I use Apple computers at school and now at my work, hate it. People at my work all use PC's, I got stuck with the Mac, and they all hate it too and always drag me to their computers instead to do anything.

I have friends that are Apple fanboys that get all ticked off when I show them I can edit movies and do everything their Mac's and Macbooks do thanks to Adobe.....I don't understand why Apple fanboys get all mad when people are smart enough to not spend two to three times more money for a rather simple product.....

For comparison sake.

I owned an original Zune, that still worked like the day it was sold to me several years late. I keep it in my car to play music. I own a Zune HD, again working perfectly fine, and I'll openly admit I've dropped this thing several times too, best small device I've ever owned. I own an Xperia Play since it came out, still working like new, with no issues. My Toshiba laptop is running over 2 years after I bought it.

The only other products i have as much issues as the ipods is Motorola crap, which I'll openly admit too that they are WAY worse than Apple in every aspect. Went through 5 Droid 2 or 3's before Verizon finally let me upgrade to my Xperia Play. Which is where I think the "android sucks, my iphone is awesome" fans come from. Google should really quality check Motorola before stamping Android on it.......

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hiredhelp2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

There are too many Apple haters there no Apple elitist thats just made up.
Apple have there products there fan base MS has there and are alot bigger, so whats the bitching about.
Both MS and Sony are amaerican company myself own a ipad witch is where im typing from its easy get on with long life battery does what i need it to do.
Have also a £1700 pc i built has Win7 im happy why cant you lot be grow up god sakes.

KingPin2097d ago

the difference is MS and sony arent suing the competitors for doing better than they are. they arent going to court to let a judge stop the competitor so they can catch up in sales.

this is the problem with apple.

you say we should grow up, tell Apple to stop throwing their toys around coz other companies pose a threat to them. tell em to grow a set of balls already.

Baka-akaB2096d ago

You do realise that MS has done far worse in the past to get where they are now ? Just saying

dilawer2097d ago

and your iPod needs a grammar app! :P

hiredhelp2096d ago

Thanks for the tuition but i dont do all that grammar and puncuation cr@p.
If not happy with way i speel as rubbish as i am dont read it.

adorie2096d ago

Sony is an American company? I think you're on the wrong site.

evil_element2097d ago

This constant bickering about Apple is like a song in repeat. If you hold personnel grudges about someone who owns an Apple device, why don't you save up and buy one.

If you have never used an apple device go to the Apple store and try out their range of devices, then come back and saying what you feel. But don't slate something different because you want to be cool and a rebel against another company.

If you have ever read or learned about Apple as a company you would know why they are what they are. Apple at the start were the rebel company against the Star Wars Empire of grey computing done by IBM they were the ones who took the 'concept' of graphical user interface from Xerox in the 80's and turn it into what we see today (Remember: Xerox had no intention of ever using GUI, it was to be scraped).

Apple have done far more than any tech company out there, they took pride much like the American spirit in what they make. Rather than others who seek profit over end customer. (At the start of Apple, Apple believed in free software and low cost hardware but it changed when Bill Gates came onto the scene. Bill Gates was the one who said software must cost money.)

Apple have battle to always make sure that technology they spent time and effort over has a function for the end user. 'RULE OF DESIGN' YOU CANNOT REDESIGN WHEEL - you can make variations but its impossible to redesign it. There's hundreds of pieces of tech such as Bluetooth chips, realtek chips e.t.c its an endless list of inventions.

There's a difference between technology inventions and function inventions, Apple are the latter. Apple take what already exists and turns tech into something that actually could be used for the end user. That's where everyone fall in every shouting argument, they class technology invention with function invention. If you cannot differentiate between them, you will simply class them the same. If you do, you will never see Apple side of the argument and this whole patent battle will look very much one sided.

Question for everyone here in America. Aren't you suppose to be supporting American companies?

KingPin2097d ago

dude, they sued samsung for making a tab that looked similar in their eyes. clearly anyone with 2 brain cells could tell the difference.

now tell me where is the function in a rectangle shape with a border around the screen.

if you take the hardware that they stole from samsung, you wont even get to the function you speak of.

and another question, if their products were priced so perfectly, and their software so user friendly and function-ready as you claim, why is it that apple couldn't even compete with microsoft for so long? surely people could see the advantages of a mac over a pc no? or are majority of PC users tools.

one last question - Apple patented slide-to-unlock.....did you know that this was a basic feature i had on a SE P900 long before iPhone even saw the light of day on the design pages at Apple HQ. and you say they know how to create function. yeah sure.

and what is being american have to do with supporting american products only. by that logic apple should only sell locally in america and leave the Asians and Europeans to get better products from each other.

searchbuzz2097d ago

They are in trouble now!

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