Google Fiber’s 5Mbps plan is $0.00 per month for at least 7 years!

The Future Post: Google is now offering a free Internet option under its 3 tier Fiber plan.

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Speed-Racer2129d ago

A shame that this might take maybe a decade to roll out fully, but hey, it's progress. Hopefully it encourages other companies to step up and drop these stupid data caps.

crxss2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

5 mbps is awfully slow though along with the $300 fee makes it kind of steep. however, 1 gbps for the next tier at $70 per month and $0 fee with a 1 year deal sounds a lot better, especially since i'm sharing internet with roommates. might even ask the neighbors if they want to get in on it and end up paying like $15 a month for 1 gbps internet.

Speed-Racer2128d ago

There are a lot of people in the world who pay a lot to enjoy not even getting 5Mb for free, can't complain imo.

Veni Vidi Vici2128d ago

I live in an area that took FOREVER to even get broadband and when they did, it was 6mbps top speed with a 150GB data cap for around $40/mo.

5mbps for 0$ is AWESOME!!

Also, 5mbps is fast enough to play online gaming with good pings and do general browsing. The only time the speed will hurt is when you have to download something bigger than a song.

gaffyh2128d ago

It's $300 for a seven year guaranteed service though. Well worth it at that price, works out to $3.57 a month.

crxss2128d ago

not saying the 5 mbps it's not a great deal, it's just that the 1 gbps sounds a lot better to me especially since i download a ton and game. 5 mbps just isn't fast enough for me.

@veni well that sucks that you live in that area i guess. 5 mbps is not good enough for gaming... unless you have lower standards than i do.

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MEsoJD2128d ago

Sign me up Google!!! This sort of competition is what the phone and cable companies have been fearing.

SilentNegotiator2128d ago

If Google foots the bill to have Fiber optics put in everywhere, it will go infinitely faster than the phone companies have been going.

Still, I doubt we'll have it in my area for a couple decades.

kingPoS2128d ago

D***!! that's 100% better than att 3mb DSL.

Google fiber come to chicago plz!

yeahokchief2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

Hell yes!

ATAT can't even get me 12mbps in my area and im forced to pay 40 freaking dollars a month for a 3mbps connection with a data limit.

To top it off their customer service is absolutely horrible. Everytime I call them they juggle me around between their departments and they still haven't resolved an issue i'm having with my wireless. Freaking horrible service in every aspect.

THEY NEED MORE COMPETITORS. ATAT and Comcast have a monopoly.

GOOGLE rocks!

uncharted562128d ago

Wtf...Are you serious? I pay 60 dollars per month for my 50 mbps internet. Just move to Canada lol.

gaffyh2128d ago

Please come to the UK, I will happily pay.

D3mons0ul2128d ago

That's because it spies on you somehow

Grap2128d ago

why in hell they want to spy on you. you like to think of your self as high profile? yah google couldn't sleep without watching you closely.

D3mons0ul2127d ago

Why wouldn't they? Google is tight with the CIA, they dont have to be doing the snooping for themselves, and why would they basically just give this away?

not saying they're planting a bug, but its possible in this day and age.