3D Printer Used To Create A Fully Working Gun

NRM: "A gun enthusiast has printed a weapon using schematics that he downloaded off the internet, and managed to successfully fire it.

The top section looks relatively like a toy (possibly a BB gun); but as the man explains, he printed the lower receiver to be compatible with a .22 pistol cartridge (using a mid-to-late 90s Stratsys 3D printer), attached the two components together and managed to make a fully working firearm."

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fatstarr2125d ago

this is soooooo cool.

I looked up 3d printers 8k used.

the future is coming

this is epic I smell a new set of laws coming.

fatstarr2125d ago

Scratch that Looked up makerbot for about 2k you can build things in your house.

A new age of piracy is coming.

RufustheKing2125d ago

Yes the future will be fun and then bio printers will be coming soon for a reasonable price.

"Lost your arm in a climbing accident? no worries, here i will grow anew one." :) fun times indeed.