iOS Developer Calls Out Google, Says Android is “Broken” And “Designed For Piracy”

AH: "Matt Gemmell, iOS and Mac developer has used his personal blog to slam(troll) Google for Android’s open environment. The platform that is widely known for letting developers easily submit their apps to Google Play is also making it simple for pirates to steal apps."

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fatstarr2125d ago

duh this is why we use it.
because we love piracy and we love the open system
that you can do anything on un restricted.

rather than being nicked and dimed for everything,

dilawer2125d ago

You're right but as far as I know iOS is also prone to piracy. I mean you can side-load pirated apps on an iDevice after jailbreaking it, so his argument is invalid. :D

KingPin2125d ago

well no shit. its coming from an iOS developer.

you think he's gonna say that Apple iOS is too restrictive and you cant do anything apple doesnt want you to without jailbreaking your device.

how is this news really?

PS - i guess we should all throw our Windows PCs and change to MACs coz with windows being the way it is it allows piracy and is broken.....oh wait, its kicking Apple OSX ass into the ground.


dilawer2125d ago

You said it, bro. Apple Sucks!

fatstarr2124d ago

apple sucks,
they brain wash the users and developers
to feel like they are elite but they really are in last place.

bracing for when people see it

LOL_WUT2124d ago

Hey the guy is right. Android really is a mess.

dilawer2124d ago

Would you mind backing up your argument? How is android really a mess? because it's open, let's users choose the way they'd like their OS?