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Samsung: Apple wouldn’t have sold a single iPhone without stealing our tech

BGR - Another day, another Apple (AAPL) vs. Samsung (005930) trial. The two consumer electronics companies are preparing to do battle in San Jose, California next week, and now-public court documents shed light on the positions each firm is taking. On Tuesday, Apple told Samsung exactly what it thinks its technology patents are worth (spoiler: barely anything at all), and subsequent filings from Samsung reveal that the South Korea-based company has a few choice words for Apple as well.

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PaPa-Slam2160d ago

When will this war end?

fatstarr2159d ago

when one company is destroyed hopefully its apple.

Moentjers2159d ago

why them ?

At least from time to time they bring us something new that works without having to wait a year or 2 'till all the updates have been delivered.
Maybe you like having your weekly os-update or after an os-install having to download like 85 updates before anything works in a decent way ?

Still waiting for something really new from Samsung. Monitors & TV's: Samsung threw themself on the market when all the competitors had invested a lot of money to bring lcd/led in the living room. Same story on the smartphone/tablet market. I wouldn't care if they dissapeared because I'm not waiting on something new from these copycats, never did, and I'm affraid it will never happen.

Straightupbeastly2159d ago

They do it for headlines and attention. All major corporation rivals do it, and most of the time they are making stuff up in hopes to persuade the audience. It's often always the younger brother attacking the older one.

LOL_WUT2160d ago

Sure whatever you say Samsung. Why don't they just admit that they copied Apple and pay the money they owe?

fatstarr2159d ago

why doesnt apple admit that they stole tons of ideas

from the first Mp3 player
and the first tablet
and from windows based touch screen phones
and palm phones
stolen tech from sony
and samsung
and sharp and so on.

its like once you make something mainstream you are the owner in this day and age.

you cant even make a song in todays times with a copyrighted drum snare with out being taken to court.

Satish132159d ago

Stole tons of ideas, you know because apparently you're not allowed to improve on someone else's idea.
Just because someone does something first, doesn't mean they do it the best.
What Apple does is they look at technology and see if they can make it their own and bring it into their own "realm" of devices.
For example; had the Samsung Galaxy come out before the iPhone, and was just as amazing and everything. I'd personally as an Apple fan, or someone in the Apple world prefer the iPhone simply because of how it can work with the rest of all my Apple products. the complaint that people have with copying would result in (this hypothetical situation) the iPhone not existing or being banned, and I'd personally think its not fair, why should I have to suffer using a phone that isn't compatible with my world of tech, simply because another company is claiming the right to technology, which in the end belongs to all of us. Yes Apple does sue for patent infringement, but for a different reason, because of profit, but they don't want other companies trying to and then fail to execute it properly. or fuck it up altogether.

Admittedly Apple can be just a furious, like Banning the Galaxy, which i personally disagree with, but in the end the world of Apple products work tougher with far more superiority than a lot of major companies. Sony has started with their HomeShare devices, but its very shitty in comparison to Apples AirPlay.

Simply, when you do something right, you get recognized, its why Android, scrapped its idea of a blackberry inspired OS to an iOS inspired OS.
Its also why people say "everyones copying Apple" and not the other way around, cuz they exactly what they're doing. People just need to open there eyes, see beyond the price, look where it goes, feel the quality of the product, and then judge, does it really matter, who did what first?

aviator1892159d ago

you forget, apple literally stole microsoft's idea of a tablet. don't blindly follow whatever company.

Satish132159d ago

You area fucking moron, what do you mean "literally stole" the idea of a tablet. All Microsofts tablet was, was a simplified laptop that had a touch screen. it still ran Windows, it had similar PC ports and was Stylus based, its what pushed into Palm Pilots and windows mobile phones. What Apple did with the iPad not only create a stylus-less touch screen device, it had on one data port, which is multi capable, but more importantly above all, it didn't run Mac OSX, it ran its own version of iOS customized for a larger screen of course. its nothing like Microsofts tablet. same the other way around. Microsofts current surface Tablet isn't copying the iPad either, its just a hybrid system, which is pretty cool too.

Moentjers2159d ago


really ? ever 'worked' with one ?
I called it a concrete tile... > 1kg (Compaq ST1100), battery 4h, winXP...

aviator1892159d ago

You know, if you wanted to correct me, you could have simply done so without being so rude and calling names. I'm not someone who will argue against something logical endlessly and blindly.

Edito2159d ago

Have you read the article? Sammy is developing communication Techs ever before the iPhone exist... who should pay Who here?

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SJIND2159d ago

If there is no iPhone then there wont be any Galaxy phones.
If there is no iPad then there wont be any Galaxy Tabs.

fatstarr2159d ago

Lol yes apple is just good at brainwashing
their gullible yuppies into believing their tech is superior and first to do this and that.

fatstarr2159d ago

so basically you're pulling the parallel universe card on this one.

this is a dangerous game for every point you make there are several counter points and different actions that could have happened.

go back to the 90s
no mp3s =
no ipod =
no music industry like today =
no advances in technology like we have today since the key sequence of events leading to today tech haven't happened and never will from this point.
no iphone =
touch screens not taking off in the world. =
no ds
no 3ds
no ipad =
no wii u
no hipsters =
no starbucks =
no free wifi standards
... I can go on for days

mcstorm2159d ago

@fatstarr well said.

@SJIND Apple did not make the 1st MP3 player or Tablet. I remember getting my 1st MP3 player that had a total of 32mb of storage and could fit 11 songs on it and it was in 1998 it was called the Rio PMP300 ( and im sure this was the 2nd or 3rd mp3 player to hit the market at the time. this was back in 1998 the Ipod did not hit the market until late 2001 ( yes the Ipod has sold more than any other mp3 player but it was not the 1st.

Its also the same for the Ipad and even the Mouse was not invented by Apple which they claim(

At the end of the day people and companys take other peoples ideas and try and make them better.

Windows Mobile was the closest thing to come to a pocket pc but it was too messy and apple looked at it and made a basic version which only offered some of thing basic functions of a pc designed around touch and it paid off for them. It left everyone playing catchup but now both Windows Phone 7/8 and Android have over taken the IOS in terms of how it works and ease of use and what it offers that Apple now need to think of a new Idea but they are not doing that they have just decided to try and hurt sales of rivals which in the end is going to hurt them. Apple are becoming what Microsoft were in 2000 and Microsoft and goggle have change the way they work and because of this it will start to pay off for them and if Apple don't look to change thins they will lose there market share over the next few years in Tablet and Phones.

fatstarr2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

The shit just hit the fan! the shit just hit the fan (ghostbusters scene)
samsung make this work and take apple out!

Satish132159d ago

there is no such thing as "our tech" anyways its all just human technology, just when wars between country subside it become a patent war. How does the world expect to progress by constantly claiming ownership of ideas and not letting others use it, or improve it.

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