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Nintendo losing millions as gamers wait for Wii U

Pocket-Lint: Nintendo is continuing to haemorrhage money despite an increase in Nintendo 3DS hardware and software sales.

The Japanese gaming giant has released its first-quarter financial results for the period ending June 30 2012. Though the number of Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles rose to 162 per cent compared to the same quarter a year before and the Nintendo 3DS software increased to 63 per cent, both the Nintendo Wii and original Nintendo DS failed to reach a million units sold in the same time frame, as gamers are opting instead to wait for the new Wii U - or so Nintendo hopes.

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fatstarr2124d ago

it will all come back to them next gen.

aDDicteD2119d ago

well I'm sure they will bounce back when Wii U comes.
And as for the ending statement well i dont see that happening to nintendo.