Bullied Bus Monitor now $700,000 richer thanks to the Internet

The Future Post: 68-year old Karen Klein is now over $700,000 richer, after the Internet wanted to make up for her being bullied on a school bus.

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Speed-Racer2127d ago

This is excellent news. Really a shame how some kids these days have no respect for their elders. Also shows how powerful the Internet is.

nukeitall2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

It's really a shame that people are so dumb!

Why? Well hear me out then!

Children in Africa are dying every day from curable diseases and lack of food, yet this lady crying for 10 minutes gets her $700k?

I feel bad for her and that isn't acceptable behavior, but I feel even worse for the people in third world countries that battle life and death, not an adult receiving harassment for young adults.

The good news, she is donating some of the funds. Let's hope it doesn't go to a rich man's disease like cancer!

chukamachine2126d ago

Get what your saying and agree with you.

Trouble is, these kids starving in africa have the governments to blame for not doing enough.

You cannot feed people on just dropping rice and providing water.

They need a massive pipeline running from the sea, irigation systems to provide water, thus allowing them to grow their own food.

I'd cry for days for 700k.

Speed-Racer2126d ago

@nukeitall - I fully understand your POV. I think this situation does have a double edge to it, but I think chukamachine wrapped it up pretty nicely. It's really dependent on the situation and where that money is used.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

agreed.. This lady has shoes, a house and food.. Some people in other countries don't..

I am sure many have spent way way more on kickstarter for video games than helping poor families.

shackdaddy2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

People in Africa get millions in donations every year. $700,000 is not going to make that much of a difference. Especially when you spread it out over the whole population.

Also, this lady was a bus attendant. She definitely didn't have a lot of money in the first place. She's also pretty old so it's not like she has a whole lotta time left. So why not let her have money?

P.S. Since when is cancer a "rich man's disease"? Everyone gets cancer....

nukeitall2126d ago


It's a rich man disease because nobody in the third world would likely even know they had cancer. They would never seek treatment for it even if they did.

Only in the rich world is cancer an issue, for everyone else it's life or death.

truewittness2126d ago

America gives billions a year to countries in Africa. Bush did more than any man for Africa in terms of money and to help fight AIDS. They have evil governments and evil people in power that keep money from their people in terms of oil and taxes.

nukeitall2126d ago


Africa is just one example of a poor country and yes, they do have a corrupt government. However, you can donate money to US organizations that go to those third world countries and do the charity work themselves.

That to some degree ensure the help reaches those nations in need.

For $700k, I will up the suffering of the old lady and let me myself be verbally insulted by adults too! I will turn around and donate every cent to a worthy charity. Any takers?

Human Analog2126d ago

I am sick of people having to feel guilty for being successful. Either by hard work, or by pure happy luck, or whatever. Where in the world does it say that if you come into money you should spend it on others who don't have any? It's not our fault they live in a freaking desert, and under an oppressive government. Whenever we (the USA) try to help, we get ridiculed. But we are ALWAYS the first ones to be called upon. It is a crap double standard. I say, take the money and buy everything you have ever wanted, or needed. It's your life, and you should not have to feel guilty for being happy.

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searchbuzz2127d ago

I knew she'd get loads of donations. Those kids only got temp excluded.

Snooki2127d ago

I think the Internet did them enough punishment. Serves them right!

shackdaddy2127d ago

I heard a lot of people sent those kids death threats. I'm sure the fear those caused set them straight enough.

searchbuzz2126d ago

Lol, why did people disagree with my comment? Their only punishment really was temporary exclusion from school. Yeh they got threats here, there and everywhere, and the internet did all this lovely stuff and got money, but they are still fine, nobody is beating them up, and they will carry on with their lives as normal, which is ridiculous, yet true.

truewittness2126d ago

It wasn't a "temp excluded", the kids got a 1 year suspension from school.

Speed-Racer2126d ago

What do you think temp excluded means? :| Except there isn't a 45 day limit like in the UK.

searchbuzz2126d ago

Are you broken? How is a year not temporary? If it was expelled from school and had to find another one, then that is permanent exclusion, because he can't return.


truewittness2124d ago

You are forgetting the definitions of suspension and expelltion. Suspension is for a little while(1, 3, a week), expelled is forever. A one year suspension isn't "temporary" considering what a suspension means. They are missing one whole school year and have to make up one whole year. And charges are being pressed.

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techie112127d ago

Why should she donate the money, because it's selfish for her to get something for herself? It's wrong for her to want to pay off bills, help her family, retire with dignity, pay for her home? What do you know that may be waiting around the corner for this woman or her family? Better question is, why do you care where she spends her money?

Speed-Racer2126d ago

LOL, I was wondering the same since no one brought up the argument in the first place.

spicelicka2126d ago

No one said SHE should donate it. The earlier comment was talking about how so much of the donation money goes to her for this little thing versus people who's life is at risk.

No one is blaming her, just the system. She is donating some of the money off her own will, which is respectable.

one2thr2126d ago

And to think this happened one town over from me, but yeah those kids got what they deserved... Heck in my generation a kid would have probably gotten their mouth whooped off with "Olde Faithful"(what my parents called heavy leather belts)

illidari2126d ago

For a fraction of that money I'll let you guys humilate me. Say whatever you want.

100,000$ would suffice.

spicelicka2126d ago

lol, i'll start.

Why you so friggin ugly dawg?

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