Droid X360 Preview By Gaming on Batterires

Gaming on Batteries Triverse writes, "This is an interesting piece of tech for Android gamers that want something with physical controls that aren’t phone keypads or mini keyboards- which are tough to type on let alone actually game on. The Droid X360 from Long Xun Software Co., Ltd. is something that is interesting from a gamers stand point. It runs Android 4.0.4, has an A10 processor clocked at 1.5 Ghz, 512 megs of memory and a 5 inch 800×480 capacitive touch screen all in a PS VITA styled case."

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adorie2099d ago

Chinese are shameless. This POS knockoff looks just like the Vita. I wish the sun would just explode on us.

one2thr2099d ago

Shameful, yes... Should the sun explode, no...
Should the creators of this device have their nipples ripped off, yes...
Will said punishment ever happen, no... :(

fatstarr2099d ago

does it play vita games? no

will it hurt sony at all? no

I see no problems here.

adorie2099d ago

I don't care about Sony. It's ethics I care about. Class. Whatever you want to call it; I call it being respectful.

fatstarr2099d ago

Im not saying suport it at all.
but where have you been

they have been copying the product design of successful products
since the birth of online shopping.

apple products

all have some lowly spin off.

adorie2099d ago

I know and agree, but the vita just came out not too long ago. It still boggles my mind when I see the Chinese knock-offs. I shouldn't feel anything about this, but I believe in being fair and all that jazz. So this makes me want to punch infinity into negative 1.

Speed-Racer2099d ago

What's up with this Chinese garbage? I thought it was a Motorola product at first from the name "Droid". Oh well.