iPhone 5 will be most successful smartphone release

iPhone Rumors writes: In another ChangeWave Research report we’ve been treated to insight about the upcoming iPhone 5, and specifically focusing on the demand for the 2012 iPhone vs. interest before the iPhone 4S launched. Considering the iPhone 4S is known as the “most successful” smartphone launch in history, it’s interesting to see demand that is far more than the 4S model.

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danswayuk2100d ago

Nothing comes close to the iPhone in terms of sales, yes there are loads of Android devices but iPhone sells more than any other phone by a long way.

ricky3602100d ago

All the iPhones are the biggest phone launches in history.

techie112100d ago

Fantasy beats reality :) we get it! it's a fact!

iSpy2100d ago

I'm getting tired of waiting. Eagerly waiting for New iPhone with 4 inch screen and A6.