App Store hacker says the 'game is over'

Cnet : The creator of a hack that let users get in-app purchases in iOS apps free of charge confirms that Apple's patch blocks his exploit.

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LOL_WUT1971d ago

Apple taking care of business good stuff.

trickman8881971d ago

5+ idiots disagreed with your comment.

AgentWhite1971d ago

hacker's have create a havoc around the web , and it has become so common to hear news like this .

techie111971d ago

Apple takes their time fixing an issue that affects end users directly, but waste no time fixing an issue that affects Apple directly.

Soldierone1971d ago

I notice it too, and its not just Apple. "hacked to get "free" things!!!" *So and So patches device to stop the "free" hack*

"Hacked to steal user info!!!" *So and So says to BUY virus protection while they "work" on it*

AgentWhite1971d ago

Apple is most over hyped term in the field of technology. They try and do everything which help them to maintain their reputation .

technologist1970d ago

i don't think this will make a huge impact !!