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Minecraft creator sued over user controls

BBC - Minecraft maker Mojang is being sued over the way it gives gamers access to mobile versions of the game.

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fatstarr2134d ago

need ideas to make money some money

sue company

Sue company for infringing small insignificant meaningless patents.

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PaPa-Slam2133d ago

The easiest way to get rich.

adorie2133d ago

It's hard to believe this Uniloc was tangled up with the mighty Microsoft for 8 friggin years!

Microsoft settled out of court this year with them!

Goodluck, Notch... you will need it.

Soldierone2133d ago

or "create small meaningless patents, never do anything with them, then sue companies that do"

Honest_gamer2133d ago

doesn't work that way, you have to prove you are actually using the technology or atleast you do in scotland i guess in america were you can be sued for anything it could be diffrent, sometimes you wish laws actualy had brains behind them :/

plmkoh2133d ago

"In one tweet, he criticised software patents in general, saying they were "plain evil"."

The irony is that he went and stealthily tried to patent a "general" brand name all for the sake of it.

It's exactly why I don't support his ventures.

harrisonxxi2133d ago

He filed a TRADEMARK. Pretty standard for oh, every video game EVER.

kingPoS2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

This is what is wrong with patent system today. What's next a patent on how use a person can use smart phones...oh wait!

It seems Uniloc is most assuredly living up to it's name by uniloc-ing those it encounters into litigation hell.

Mabe someone should just burn the troll's tax collecting bridge and be done with it. lol

Soldierone2132d ago

Personally impressed there isn't a Patent on how to file a Patent, or a Patent on how to sue for Patent Infringement lol

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