YouTube Pushing Users Switch To Real Names

Jimyounkin: I went to make a comment on a YouTube video today and was welcomed with the above pop-up from YouTube basically telling me to "Start using your full name on YouTube" with an example of what my current YouTube account appears like ("jimyounkin") and how it will appear ("Jim Younkin III"). It appears in the image above that YouTube (owned by Google) is pulling your "real name" from your Google+ account.

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fatstarr2100d ago

man the day is coming.
usernames exist on the internet for a reason
to protect peoples identity's
then social networking bs came along to trick people
into giving up their info.

I cant wait to see the wave of stupid idiots in YouTube comments with their full names in the future.

cant even avoid it now.

adorie2100d ago

I was hit with this pop-up yesterday. I Alt-f4'ed out of there for some reason... I get jumpy when things ask me for my real name, especially when it's the internet itself.

Skynet is young right now. *gives Skynet a baby bottle*

KingPin2100d ago

prepare for internet bullying to increase.

make a joke in the youtube comments that someone will find offensive (coz not everybody is light hearted or knows a joke when they read one) and thats it, they will track you down and harass the shit out of you.

but then again, i can always be Johnny Bravo :D huh huh huh

Grap2100d ago

why you don't want to put your name? are you ashamed of your self?

KingPin2100d ago

why are using the alias GRAP and not your real name?

justpassinggas2100d ago

Please provide the following:

Your full name
Your full address
Your email address
You phone number

Or are you ashamed of your self?

Grap2100d ago

on youtube i use my full name if you want my Chanel you are more than welcome in N4G they didn't say type your name if it's mandatory i will type it.

adorie2100d ago

tracking you down, stealin' your cookies.

Patriots_Pride2100d ago

Grap whats your channel?

Please post so I can subscribe.

Kurylo3d2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

I onced used my real name playing left 4 dead. I beat someone so bad he got mad that i laughed at him getting destroyed. He tracked down my name on the internet and found my cellphone number and called me up threatening me.

The internet would be a lot scarier place if everyone knew who i was at all times.

Grap, u should never give out your info on the internet. You are both gullable and nieve if you think u have no reason too. It can get used against you one day. Espeacially when they start tracking what kind of porn you've been lookn at. lol. Actually google already does that if your logged in.

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FarCryLover1822100d ago

I think people will stop posting youtube comments if it is mandatory.

T3MPL3TON 2100d ago

So... I take it no one realizes you aren't forced to use your real name on google+?

I never use my real name for anything. I don't need to and there is nothing forcing me to.

Hufandpuf2099d ago

What about your school tests? You put t3mpl3ton on your papers?

Actually, that'd be pretty badass...

BelieveinGhosts2100d ago

I dont understand the reasoning behind youtube trying to get people to use their real names. Have they not seen the hate involved in their comments section. All that would do is encourage violence, i can see it now "Troll Hunting". The new internet sport where tracking down real life trolls will be very popular

xwabbit2099d ago

Its quite easy really, its to profile you and watch you. Same with homeland security and Facebook. Makes the CIA's job a lot easier.

BelieveinGhosts2099d ago

Really thats scary so it isnt Zuckerberg who owns Facebbok afterall. I thought there was a movie called facebook about how Zuckerberg created it?

xwabbit2099d ago

He did create it, but not for the reasons people think.

aviator1892100d ago

the people working over at youtube have just been going downhill with managing their website.

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