Australians dial 000 over hitman scam

Zdnet - Australians, scared that they may be an assassination target, have called police for help after receiving SMS death threats, but it is just an old hoax.

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Settler2098d ago

All I want to say is "just ignore this Badass text.

SJIND2097d ago

People should ignore and delete this message.

SilentNegotiator2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I would report it. Empty threat or not, it's not okay to go about threatening peoples lives. Especially since they seem to be trying to extort money from people.

At the least, call a non-emergency number and report the number/email.

searchbuzz2097d ago

Oh dear. Poor police services getting tons of calls.

yudi13122096d ago

Don't know how they manage all these stuff!

360ICE2096d ago

"Victorian senior constable ADAM WEST said"

Australia is badass

Settler2096d ago

Ohh really then what he say about US I'm curious to know about ;-)