Bring Color LED Notifications With FLASHr iPhone Case

iOSVlog: This iPhone case will allow your LED Flash notifications to be different colors. It works by using the Flash notifications accessibility feature and then goes through a transparent plastic to create different colors.

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iSpy2101d ago

This seems pretty useless - iOS already has LED alerts: Setting > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts

iamnsuperman2101d ago

You have totally missed the point. They all ready say it is available but it is one colour and so their case will make it a cool colour and also make it light up around the case.

techie112101d ago

I think this will shorten the battery life... But not a bad idea. looks good...

DrRichtofen2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Battery life? it uses the little led light on the back of the iphone to light up the whole case. All this case is, is a green plastic that covers the led so that when the led flashes to give an alert, it shines threw the green plastic making the light look brighter than it is. Nothing actually plugs into the phone, so nothing is actually coming from the battery.

searchbuzz2101d ago

Yeh, agreed with the battery life, but still, very cool.

fatstarr2100d ago

interesting but unnecessary just there to draw attention to your phone.