Pwn2Own goes mobile: $200,000 prizes for iOS, Android, BlackBerry zero-day attack

Zd net : Conference organizers at the EuSecWest are dangling cash prizes for any hacker who can demo a successful zero-day attack on mobile web browsers, Near Field Communication (NFC), Short Message Service (SMS) and the cellular baseband.

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fatstarr2333d ago

its about time it hit the mobile front, but I think they should dish out way more money. a successful hack could cost a company billions.

just how many zero day type hacks do they expct there to be on these devices.

adorie2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I agree with you. Sony is a good example of poop hitting the fan and coming out in neat little PS3's, at the end of the day.

any mobile OS exploit is serious as the adoption rate is now greater than PC, the prize should be 1-5 million, in my opinion. Reward the talent.