6 Reasons Why Nexus 7 Is Better Than The iPad

AH: "I hate to say it but Apple iPad is surely the top selling tablet around since the dawn of tablets. However, the recent launch of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet has changed the scenario to a certain extent. Nexus 7 has sports high-end specs at a very reasonable price making it a high-end budget device. It certainly has an edge over the iPad"

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sealava2163d ago

I would like to see a good comparison between Nexus 7 vs the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 .

dilawer2163d ago

Here's a quick summary:

Nexus 7 has Tegra 3, 720p Display, Jelly Bean and better support while the Galaxy Tab 2 doesn't have either of them. ;)

iSpy2162d ago

Nexus 7 may be good but not as good as iPad.

Captain Tuttle2163d ago

That article wasn't exactly free from bias lol.

Speed-Racer2163d ago

That's like an Xbox site writing why an Xbox owns the PS3. hahhaha

dilawer2163d ago

of course, What else do you expect from an Android site?

and all the points that I've listed are for real.

dboyman2163d ago

I would like to get a Nexus & tablet, but no option for SD/microSD is deal breaker for me....