Pocket-Lint: Furby (2012) pictures and hands-on

Pocket-Lint: Furby, the cute and cuddly electronic pet, is back and this time is is more responsive, more intelligent and interacts with an accompanying iPad, iPhone and iPod touch application. Owners can feed their Furby using the app, play music the robot creature may dance too (if it likes it), and even use their iOS device to translate Furbish, the language the Furbies speak.

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searchbuzz2161d ago

Oh deary me. No more Furby since I passed the age of 6.

no_more_heroes2161d ago

Dude, these things always scared the sh*t out of me...

fatstarr2161d ago

always reminded me of grimlins.

hated these as a kid especially when mcdonalds had that bright idea to release it as a toy.