Washington State Voters Can Soon Register With Facebook

Forbes :
It was only a matter of time before the government caught up with social media savvy citizens. Soon, in Washington State, residents will be able to register to vote with Facebook.

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searchbuzz2166d ago

The source is actually Ars Technica, Im surprised Forbes didnt link. Anyways, my Alt Source is added :)

fatstarr2166d ago

thats just what we need. soon fb will be under government control. fb just might become a permanent fixture in society.

voting today
then every SSN will be required to have a FB profile.

kanye said it best "no one man should have all that power"

AgentWhite2166d ago

This will definitely increase the popularity of facebook. We can see a boom again it is debated the facebook is loosing its users .

searchbuzz2165d ago

I doubt people will come back on Facebook simply for being able to vote.