Blackberry maker loses patent suit over software

Cnet: A federal jury in San Francisco has found beleaguered Blackberry maker Research in Motion Ltd. liable for $147.2 million in damages for infringing on patents held by Mformation Technologies Inc.Amar Thakur, a lawyer for Mformation, said Saturday that the verdict late Friday followed a three-week trial and a week of deliberations by an eight-person jury.

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KingPin2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

is this not a duplicate story on techspy?

i dont get it though, how can you patent something after someone is already using it and then sue them for patent infringement. makes no sense really. but i suppose if Apple can get away with "slide to unlock" and "finger gestures" then this is possible. whats next? google should just patent using eyeballs to look at the screen and voila, Kajillionaires over night.

Crazay2341d ago

When it rains it really pours for Rim. Though I have to admit that their complacency is by and large what brought them crashing to the ground.