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Can Facebook Make You Quit Smoking?

Thedailybeast: Researchers are hoping to use social networks like Facebook to curb smoking and other unhealthy behaviors. Jesse Singal explains the next step in network science.

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Speed-Racer2348d ago

I dunno about smoking, but I hope it makes us quit Facebook.

iSpy2348d ago

That indeed do the same thing for Facebook lovers.

nukeitall2347d ago

You see, death from cancer due to smoking obviously means you ain't using Facebook no more. So this is a ruse to get you to continue using Facebook! XD

Speed-Racer2347d ago

That, a very good point LOL

aDDicteD2348d ago

yup that's a nice thing though peers can impact behavior and may not liking you smoking but what if it backfired. smoking is very addicting and it depends on the people if their willing to quit it or not plus it's really hard to quit. there are so many alternatives on making you not to smoke and one of it is keeping yourself busy, facebook already done it's part for most of us spends some time on facebook and adding something like this it's a reaaly good thing. well i do hope they come up with something to even lessen smoking.

techie112348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I can Quit FB but Smoking not at all.

GuyThatPlaysGames2347d ago

I quit smoking cold turkey. Now that I look back, that was a FUCKIN DISGUSTING HABIT!!!

Straightupbeastly2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I'm proud to say I've never engaged in Facebook and twitter. However, I'm still a message board/blog/vlog junky

And I quit smoking on my own years ago

The first 3 days is tough. Then it's easy for a bit, then the urge resurfaces about 2 weeks later and one month later. Then you're in the clear, you'll no longer crave it. People that go back after that one month stage do it because they're bored