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The creepiest computer mouse

offbeathome: I can't tell if this creepily wonderful Smithsonian Spider Mouse would make me want to use my computer more or less. Which gives me an idea!

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fatstarr2348d ago

next it will be a live mouse inside of a mouse. PETA eat your heart out.

aDDicteD2348d ago

just a $28?? now that's cheap

SJIND2348d ago

Designed by spider man fans.

Speed-Racer2348d ago

I'm guessing it's dirt cheap because it's a wired device.

slaton242348d ago

nope just saves money on batteries because its wired

Speed-Racer2348d ago

I dunno man... I could barely find any cheap wireless mice, at least from decent brands....but I could get a wired for for under 10 bucks. Ah well, one that spider ain't real, I'm cool :p

technologist2348d ago

good way to keep children away from your pc !! :P

aDDicteD2348d ago

not just kids but girls as well ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.