Microsoft Advises Users To Disable Windows Gadgets

TechFlashed : Microsoft has advised its Windows Vista and Windows 7 users to disable the Sidebar and Gadget features of the operating systems due to security reasons.

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fatstarr1649d ago

who would use some memory wasting objects like these in the first place.

did vista teach you nothing

gaffyh1649d ago

I've always switched these off immediately after installing the OS, on both Vista and 7, they're so pointless.

shadow27971649d ago

Are they on by default? If so, I had no idea I was running them. How do I turn them off?

Crazay1649d ago

I never understood the point behind them myself and always looked at them as complete and total memory sucks. As if we didn't have enough running in the background like, Windows Updates, Antivirus protection, 3rd party Firewall, Malware protection and our copious amounts of bit torrent porn downloads.

SJIND1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

We wont find these gadgets in Windows 8, thats why Microsoft wanted to disable gadgets in Vista and 7 also.

SilentNegotiator1649d ago

Exactly. They're just adjusting us to having less features yet again.

iSpy1649d ago

I would have preferred that they fix whatever needs fixing rather than getting rid of them. Besides, half of the ones are using come from MS themselves. Can't those be secure?

Speed-Racer1649d ago

I hate those gadgets... mainly because of the amount of memory it hogs for the little purpose it serves.

johnnyvegas1649d ago

If you guys are complaining about it hogging up memory I am curious to see what you're computer is. Nowadays computers have 8GB of RAM. The amount of memory the gadgets uses is nothing compared to that.

Speed-Racer1649d ago

6GB on my laptop. I mean come on... 50-100MB for a clock? No thanks.

What's worse is that the gadgets don't always load up, or somehow freezes your system if you make changes too quickly...even on an i7 system I tried. Not sure why, but they are just poorly coded.

johnnyvegas1648d ago

I'm sure most of them can be useless like the clock one you mentioned. I use the CPU and GPU temperature ones. Also, the weather one.

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