Cnet: Torture-testing the Galaxy S3

Cnet: This week, Molly torture-tests the Samsung Galaxy S3 to see if it can handle 190-degree temperatures, multiple drops, and a dunk in a fish tank. Plus, a smarter life with NFC tags.

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KingPin2348d ago

first issue with this - "if you wanna beat the ipad you have to be cheaper than the ipad"

spoken like a true Apple fan. im sorry, but quad-core, 1gig ram + 64gigs of space is enough for me to wanna buy this than an ipad. theres a reason why apple are struggling in the pc market. coz people know for the same price, you can get a pc with double the specs.

second issue - 3rd drop test, really? throw it above your head and then let it fall to the ground.

last issue - screen protectors arent expensive. you an idiot if you buy an over priced one. you just need one fitted properly to prevent light scratches <like in the examples she provided>