When will Facebook decline so Google+ can jump in?

Suck My Trend - There is a question that is situated around Social Media and Social Networking websites at the moment. Is Google+ waiting for Facebook to decline so they can jump in and take people into a new level of social networking? Or, are Google simply incapable of hosting a social network that people wish to stay interactive with, after the failure of Orkut for example.

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Speed-Racer1987d ago

I don't see the big difference because the platforms are basically the same. Once the masses jump on it, it will soon be flooded with the same crap like what's going on Facebook now.

searchbuzz1987d ago

Ah but is it? The decline is happening, and no matter how strong they hold on, it happens. Many analysts have predicted the death of Facebook by 2020!

Speed-Racer1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

@white - I would disagree with that. I have no facts to back my claim but I see activity on my account also decreasing significantly. People are barely posting updates or does not come across as quickly as it used to. etc

MySpace was immortal at one time, and look where they are now.

Captain Tuttle1987d ago

Nah, does anyone remember US Steel? People thought they were immortal.

Corepred41986d ago

I hope facebook dies just because of all the stupid posts from 9gag and memes that people put up. And you can tell they think it's the most hilarious thing in the world. UGH!

oli1986d ago


Its one of the things that irritates me too! there's people on my feed that sit through reddit and repost on facebook.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1986d ago

I wouldn't mind going back to Myspace to be honest. Not the "ad crazy" Myspace but the old Myspace. I still love remembering all the customization you can do to your page.Your own layouts and songlist.

nukeitall1986d ago

The big difference is Google is probably far nastier with their privacy policy. They probably already know too much about you!

I can't say I like or use Facebook all that much either!

Thatguy-3101986d ago

I remember it took a while for Facebook to take away MySpace's crown. Same is going to happen with Google+ nothing in life last forever.

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technologist1987d ago

Hard to beat Facebook in social networking !! They are really going well by launching many new features time to time !!

searchbuzz1987d ago

What kind of features do you think will come?

steve30x1986d ago

You mean like Timeline that most people hate?

Speed-Racer1986d ago

Or that stupid "seen" feature.

Crazay1987d ago

I try not to predict the fads of social networking sites. I know I don't care for google+, I'm no fan of twitter, and I only use facebook to make events and stay in moderate touch with my friends. Eventually soemthing else will come along and take over but I don't think it's going to be Google+

searchbuzz1987d ago

I think it will be Google+ eventually. :)

steve30x1986d ago

I dont. I have google+ along with most of my facebook friends and only one person out of 45 like Google+. I dont like Google+ because instead of just having the feeds I want it gives me feeds of other people I dont know. When I go to my own pge then it doesnt show all of my news feeds

Tzuno1987d ago

it's 2012 people still uses Facebook???? come on!!!

Feldman90001987d ago

the fact that your gmail account is linked to your google+, all droids have easy integration and better integration with it than facebook, a direct link to your youtube account, and now google play where you can upload your music and stream literally anywhere, on paper it wipes the floor with facebook. i think not enough people realize these features.

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