It Takes Google 'Now' Three Days To Figure Out Where You Live

Forbes :I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but Google Now knows where I live. After 3 days on [Jelly Bean], I opened Google Now at work and it gave me time and directions to get back home

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searchbuzz2264d ago

Pretty scary stuff, but the technology these days.. this is what we can expect.

AgentWhite2264d ago

Google google google . They have the power to do anything at will

duplissi2264d ago

you do have to opt in for it though... the first time you open google search on a jelly bean device it askes you if you want to use google now.

personally i like it.

Crazay2263d ago

I'm still waiting for the JB update to go live on my Nexus. I'm very much looking forward to it.

nix2263d ago

it already knows where my office is and the time i spent there... and i have a year old Android phone.

the system was always there.

aDDicteD2261d ago

well it is a very useful feature so it pretty much doesn't creep me out