Is the Galaxy Nexus still the best Android phone?

Theverge: When Google and Samsung announced the Galaxy Nexus late last year, its greatness in the Android landscape was difficult to dispute: Ice Cream Sandwich was a fantastic update, and the Galaxy Nexus was the only device to run it for a long time.But what about now? HTC, Samsung, and LG have come to the table with newer, empirically better hardware running Android 4.0 in the months since. Is the Nexus phone's early update to Jelly Bean enough to keep it at the top of the heap? Vlad and Chris sound off.

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SnakeCQC2347d ago

i have one and the camera sucks and so does the screen the definition is good but its not as bright as my iphone 4

SJIND2347d ago

For the best, complete Android experience? YES. It is. Who has Jellybean?

Crazay2346d ago

I dunno if it's the best but I sure as hell like using it. Am really looking forward to jellybean launching later in the month and will be picking up the Nexus 7 purely based on my experience with the phone.