The Best Time to Buy a Laptop May Be Now: Prices at Record Lows

PC World - If you've been waiting for the perfect time to purchase a new laptop, you may want ot grab your credit card now. Price-predicting service says late June to mid-July is one of the best times of the year to get the best deal on a new notebook. is a service that analyzes current and past prices of over 3600 laptops to determine when consumers should buy. According to, we're currently in a cycle during which a ton of new and updated laptops are introduced, and so prices are falling. The service finds that consumers who buy now will save around 10 percent on new laptops, a reduction that translates to about $240 for high-end notebooks or $100 for lower-end laptops.

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fatstarr2352d ago

thats not even a sale. and tech is about to take a leap in the next 4 months so I say just wait laptops are becoming overrated now, how many can one person have.