All Time Best Useful Tricks About Google Search : Search Google like A Pro

TechFlashed : Google is the only place where one could find solution to many problems . Millions of users search google everyday. Now the question is how you can search google to get accurate results that are very much close to your google query .You can easily Enhance your google search experience by following some tips and tricks.You must know the following search tricks to get better and quality results from Google search.

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AgentWhite1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

These trick can lead us to more accurate and refined results . Yes google has almost everything in it but its the skill of user how to extract relevant information from the search engine.

technologist1753d ago

nice tricks to have absolutely accurate results !!

AgentWhite1753d ago

What i use the most is Specific site search and file type .

searchbuzz1752d ago

Pretty good stuff. Most of this I knew already.