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Spider-Like iPhone 5 Design Is Creepy Yet Cool

Mashable: Designer Federico Ciccarese, however, envisions the same cellphones we’ve been using, just re-imagined. Instead of a touchscreen slab that’s held in the palm, the “iPhone 5 new” features a curved design that’s actually worn on the back of your hand. It’s held in place by five slim and somwhat creepy “legs” which wrap between your fingers and around the wrist.

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PNeafsey2353d ago

It's an interesting idea. Though I would see more of a wrist attachment, like a forearm brace. The basic idea is there, but between the fingers would seem uncomfortable and the older generation would probably be distrustful of it.

Innovation is always welcome.

aDDicteD2352d ago

nice design but if there is a wrist band design for this it'll be much better and much comfortable and better looking i think